Regular Queue

ish weeks

This is where the majority of orders will go. 

If there is an order in the ‘Large Order Queue’, cards finished will alternate between the two.

  • Border Extension
  • Sliver Order #1
  • Foil Order #scgcol
  • Wheel of Fortune #scgcol
  • Niv-Mizzet #scgcol
  • Bitterblossom #scgcol
  • CL TitI checklist x4 #scgcol
  • SJ TitI checklist x4 #scgcol
  • JW Delver Checklist x4 #scgcol
  • Mina & Denn #scgcol
  • Krinko #scgcol
  • Foil Breya #scgcol
  • Tymaret w/ abacus #scgcol
  • Archangel Avacyn #scgcol
  • 'Bob' Tom Ross #scgcol
  • Search for Azcanta #scgcol
  • Delver Checklist #scgcol
  • Vis-Kal - Textless
  • Jalira, Master Polymorphist - Foil Textless
  • Seasonal Set
  • Sliver Set #2
  • Carnie T Jurassic Park
  • Unlimited Counterspell
  • Borderless Swamp x2
  • Borderless Rashmi
  • RV Floating Border x4

Digital Queue

Overlays and Emotes


Large Order Queue

ish weeks

8+ card orders will go in the queue. When it is time for your order in the Regular Queue cards finished will alternate between the two queues.

  • Gemhide Sliver - Seasonal Set
  • Horned Sliver - Seasonal Set
  • Jokulhaups Extended Abacus
  • Sylvan Library - borderless
  • Eternal Witness - borderless - Princess Mononoke
  • Voice of Resurgence - borderless - Forest Spirit
  • Elvish Archdruid x4
  • Foil Noble Hierarch x4 #scgcol
  • Foil Phantasmal Image x2 #scgcol
  • Foil Cavern of Souls x2 #scgcol
  • Baleful Strix - Full Art x4 #scgcol
  • Character Sliver x46
  • Custom Sliver x2
  • Acidic Acid Sliver
  • Spitting Sliver 3D extension

For fairness to my clients and transparency, commissions are finished as they are received. Currently, the only way to “jump” to the front of the queue is to get a commission during an event that I am vending at.

Once your order is placed it will be added to the queue. You can send the cards when you are closer to the top, so that you don’t have to go without them for an extended period of time.

While working on large orders I’ll be alternating between ‘Regular Commissions’ and the large one. This way the regular queue line doesn’t get unruly.