Necklace Restock

I got the supplies in to start making these awesome card art necklaces! I went crazy and made around 35 of them. Some of the glass pieces broke, and I also found out the hard way that my desk isn’t level… so some of them the glass slide before the glue set.

I very much like how these turn out! I will be continuing to make them in the future. I am opening commissions for them as well!

Moving forward with the listings I will be more general in the art that goes into each listing. For example, the Chandra listing will have all the artwork that I use that has Chandra in it. The necklace that you receive will be a random Chandra art.

I would like to be able to list the card name for each necklace, but I think that would be too messy in the end. There would be so many different listings that only have 1 item available. 

There aren’t going to be just Magic: the Gathering necklaces! I’m going to be listing a bunch of Pokemon necklaces as well. I have to go out and get a stack of bulk from my LGS, but expect more of these soon.

What do you think about these? I’m looking into making other fun geeky products that aren’t just card alters. If you have any suggestions as to what to try let me know! Painting minis is definitely on my list of things to learn.

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